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东莞市冠联玻璃有限公司是一家专业生产高精密钢化玻璃的企业, 专业生产:家用电器钢化玻璃、智能家居玻璃、LED照明灯饰玻璃、双层台阶玻璃、异形台阶玻璃、视频玻璃、计算机机箱面板玻璃、钟表玻璃、光学透镜、太阳能钢化玻璃、烧弯玻璃、光学玻璃、高硼硅玻璃、微晶玻璃、夹丝玻璃等。

GL Glass Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is located in Liaobu town of Dongguan city,  a conveniently traffic and well developed city. These years, we all through focus on being a professional tempered glass processing industry company by technology study, production skill improvement, excellent management & engineer team work, strict quality control, and precision production machine. We may process 0.2-25mm thickness, various specification and shapes glass by glass cutting, water knife cutting, laser inner side & outside carving, various side polish & grinding, hole drilling, silk print, sand blasting, sand frosting, flat glass tempered, bending glass tempered, adhesive process etc,, which meet our customer's different requirement.



深度探索 · 智造价值 

Deep Exploration and Knowledge Creates Value


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