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东莞市赤诚塑胶有限公司是一家服务于家用电器、办公用品、医疗设备、汽车配件、机械配件等塑胶制品公司。公司秉承着专业、诚信、值得信赖的经营理念,致力工程塑胶界一流的产品同服务。多年的经验同积累,赤诚的专业和不断地创新,诚信和优质服务, 得到了各行业客户的一致肯定和好评,为企业赢得了卓越商誉。客户信赖、首选的品牌供货商是企业追求的目标,赤诚也时刻以此来严格要求自己。经营自主研发改性的多种工程塑料、特种工程塑料、通用塑料,期待在最关键的时候为您提供最为全面的现场解决方案以及最完善的产品和服务。

Dongguan Chicheng Plastic Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Chicheng), a plastic product company dedicated in household appliance, office supplies, medical equipment, auto spare parts and machine parts, adheres to the operation philosophy of Profession, integrity and trustworthiness to offer the top-grade products and services in engineering plastic industry. Relying on years of experience, profession and constant innovation, as well as the good integrity and services, we are uniformly appraised and accepted by all customers, thus wining excellent reputation for us. Customer trust, prioritized brand and supplier is what we pursue and strictly follow. We can also offer the different engineering plastics, special engineering plastics and general-purpose plastics which are self developed or modified. We sincerely hope to offer the most comprehensive on-site solution and comprehensive products and services for you!



深度探索 · 智造价值 

Deep Exploration and Knowledge Creates Value


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